English profiles

I’d like to thank the following people for their friendship, inspiration, and/or advice.

Marcel Bartnik

for several inspiring ideas for this website.

Wim Boone

my father, who introduced me to classical music and thanks to whom I started studying Journalism.

Hywel David

for correcting several texts and interviews.

Arya Duyne

for encouraging me to go on with this site and to take up piano lessons again.

Marieke Jansen

for inspiring me with the lay out of her website (www.asyouare.nl).

Stany Kol

for introducing me to Cyprien Katsaris and Nelson Freire, for allowing to publish his interview with Nelson Freire.

Sarah Oliver

for correcting several texts.

Robijn Tilanus

for being such an inspirational and wonderful piano teacher.

Jeroen Vonhögen

thanks to you I started interviewing pianists in the first place!

Dini Zeggelaar

who, along with her husband Henk, built this website and made my long term plan come true!

Henk Zeggelaar